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The server uses GriefPrevention to allow players to protect their builds and land. The first chest you place ever will create a 5×5 claim around it, and further claim creation/modification can be done using a Golden Shovel.

Custom items

Custom items, along with a custom resource pack used to give them special appearance, are planned, but not ready yet. Planned items include a wrench (to rotate things & tweak rails, glass panes, etc), lavender instead of allium flowers, as well as new types of resources like flour or custom minerals.


You can create you own shops using the Shopkeeper plug-in. The shop creation item is available for sale at the spawn's shopping mall.

Creative world

To access the creative world, use the /warp creative command. You can use /back to get back to your previous location in the survival world.

A portal may be set up at spawn later

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